– than you have achieved so far this year with any of your other marketing.

If you are sick of:

Not being able to land your marketing objectives.
115 ways to increase your conversion – checklists.
Customers buying once and never again.
Rising PPC costs.
Great turnover but non-existant profits.
How hard ecommerce is.

Then you need eCommerce Dojo
Take 1 part old school database marketing,
5 parts tried and tested campaigns and a dash of conversion rate optimisation*

GIVE ME 48 HOURS and I’ll give you a different business.

*Real Conversion Optimisation, not 115 ways to increase your conversion rate list post ideas.
After all, admit it, changing the colour of your buy button never did generate any extra sales did it?


Good, that means you have a heartbeat and are not a bot.
I have a something for that, it’s called OUR RED BELT PLAN.
We get to try each other out on a small engagement and once we’re finished,
I credit the whole amount you paid for THE RED BELT Plan to one of our
Ecommerce Dojo Implementations.

I have worked in full mix marketing for over 30 years and have developed numerous brands both on and off line.
We have worked with David for 3 years and have found his work on our Digital Marketing instrumental to our on-line success story. From developing SEM for our existing site to helping us to take a new Trade site and increase the visitors to the site 10 fold and not just visitors but visitors that convert to sales! David has been an intrinsic cog in the wheel and the driving force for the continual improvement of Kedel’s web presence.

— Dermot Walch, Managing Director, Kedel Limited

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