I guess we all know what a heat map is. It’s certainly one of the most visual ways to see data related to your ecommerce site.

When I ask clients about them they always say they have used them, when questioned, I actually find they have not used them but have seen them and said “that’s nice”.

So how do you actually go about using a heat map to increase your conversions?

Pretty much the same way you go about setting up any conversion program, first you’ve got to find out where you are and then where you want to go.

So first things first don’t look at the map, look at the page and answer the following questions;

  1. What is this page all about?
  2. What is my best case outcome for this page (signs ups, click on a particular call to action, click on the buy now button)?
  3. Where is the worst place that a customer could click?
  4. Is there anything on this page that I am convinced is enticing and will definitely make someone click (banner etc)?
  5. Is there anything distracting on this page that I wouldn’t want someone to click on?
  6. Let’s imagine someone was clicking somewhere they shouldn’t, what could I do to get them to click where I want them to?

Ok now overlay the heat map

· Is your number 1 objective being clicked from question 2?

· What are the top 3 things being clicked? (these are your hotspots)

· Any of these unexpected?

· What “type” of medium is clicked the most, video, text, picture?

Hopefully if you have answered these fully you are now in a position to start making some hypothesis and testing them but before you do answer these last few questions to make sure you are on the right path;

  1. Can I repurpose any of the 3 hotspots to achieve my number 1 objective?
  2. Can I remove any hotspots to make one less thing to click on to achieve the number 1 objective?
  3. Can I adjust any medium to make it something that someone clicks on?

Now you can create a new mock up that tries to achieve better conversions in your number 1 desired action and of course, test it.