1. Cart abandonment emails.

Whenever I talk to store owners about cart abandonment emails their answer is always “I know it’s something we should be doing but we never got round to it”.

The thing is, your best guess version of this will get you more sales, period. Then with more date it becomes much easier to beat your best guess .

The customer is so near to purchase your conversion rate on this activity is likely to be much higher than other activities because literally customers need very little to push them over into the sale.

You could even do this by hand, emailing them individually and still make money because of the probable conversion rates.

What’s that I hear you say?, “show me some data to convince me” How about;

· More than a tenth (11.61%) of cart abandonment emails are clicked.

· The average order value (AOV) of purchases from basket. Abandonment emails is 14.2% higher than typical purchases.

· Nearly half (44.1%) of all cart abandonment emails are opened.

· Nearly a third (29.9%) of clicks leads to a purchase back on site.

Now I appreciate this last one has you simultaneously salivating and disbelieving, here is the full article about that result.


So now you are convinced you just need to know two things. Whilst I of course recommend you test everything in your marketing I’ll give you your starting point to keep it simple.

When do I send it?

Glad you asked. We reckon it’s within the first hour for the first email.

Second email you should consider around the 24 hour mark.

Then for the third email we have seen results between the 72 hour and the 7 day mark.

What should I send?

You should consider sending different copy in each one to elicit the different reason why someone might abandon their purchase.

The first email you should consider being more customer service orientated asking if anything went wrong or how can you help?

The second should be more sales orientated highlighting why customers should buy form you your USP. Mention your site excellent returns and delivery policy the two key reasons why a customer abandons their purchase.

Be really clear in your subject line. Personalise it if possible.

Ok onto the number 2 thing you can try to increase conversion overnight.

2. Colour of your buy button

Arggg not the colour stuff, I like our beige button, it matches our site. I don’t want it to look likes Amazon’s!

Not so fast, I’m not going to give you a lecture about colour psychology here, I’m going to break it down into something really simple for ecommerce store owners and conversions.

It’s not about green or red being the best colour for buying, this is about contrast and user interface, that’s what, makes the till ring.


Don’t design it into oblivion

Make it twice as big as your designer is comfortable with.

Make it a bold colour that your designer is uncomfortable with (we’re looking for visible wincing in your designer here)

Make it brighter than she can stand. (She has to be shaking her head at the is point before you know you’ve done a good job)

So don’t worry about red versus green worry about contrast.

Now use the correct text on the button. For retailers it’s fairly confined but always worth testing, think here add to bag or basket not buy now because in reality the customer is adding to basket not actually checking out.

Oh and make it look like a button round the edges give it a little depth whilst you are at it.