If you want to have a website that people trust and keep coming back to, there are certain things you need to avoid. Despite some of these things being fairly easy to change, it’s surprising just how many websites force people to go elsewhere.

You only have a few seconds to grab people’s attention, which is increasingly difficult in a world filled with so many messages. Increase your chances of keeping people on your website by ensuring you are not doing anything that will instantly lose your customers trust. Here’s seven things that will ruin people’s trust in your website.

  1. Poor content

Awful, poorly written content is a major turn off. How can people trust your website if your copy is misspelled, badly written and difficult to understand? The wording you use on your homepage is so important.

Take the time to come up with copy that makes an impact, or invest some money in acquiring top quality content for your website.  It’s also extremely important to carefully proof all copy before it goes live on our site.

2. Not being user friendly

If a website is difficult to use, people will leave in an instant. They will simply to go to another website that’s simpler to use. Avoid complicated forms that take ages to fill in and a website structure that’s a challenge for visitors to navigate through. HubSpot.com did some research that revealed ‘when asked about the most important factor in a website, over 75% of respondents stated they rank ease of finding the information at the top.’

3. Lack of trust signals

As well as not doing things to lose people’s trust, you need to think about adding things that will increase trust. It’s important to incorporate trust signals throughout your website, especially at each stage of the buying process. Trust signals include things like awards you have won, industry accreditations, reviews and secure payment information. These things can help improve trust and consequently increase conversion.

4. Too many pop ups

Avoid having too many pop ups or things that distract visitors. Constant pop ups can be really frustrating and will end up ruining people’s trust in our site. Keep thing simple and divert customers to the next stage of the buying process rather than distracting their attention with unnecessary popups.

5. Uninspiring design

Statistics show that over 90% of people trust a website based on design alone. With so much competition out there, you just can’t afford to have a poor quality website. It’s worth investing in high quality web design. People won’t trust your site if they think it’s poorly put together and will quickly move on.

6. Slow load times

There is nothing more frustrating than a painfully slow website. People just don’t expect slow websites anymore, and don’t have any patience with websites that don’t work properly. If your website takes ages to load then your bounce rate will go through the roof and you will lose people’s trust instantly.